Just a stone’s throw from Hobart lies the picturesque Huon Valley, a region of abundant producers that ranks among Australia’s most multifarious culinary landscapes. Historically, it holds a place of prominence in Tasmania’s narrative, contributing significantly to the island’s international recognition as “The Apple Isle.” Elaine Reeves, a prominent Tasmanian gastronomic scribe, shares the compelling narratives of over 50 producers, both small and large, who have weathered trials and celebrated triumphs while nourishing the community festivals they support. Within these pages, you’ll also find a delectable array of seasonal recipes that make the most of Huon’s bounty, thoughtfully crafted by the renowned chef Steve Cumper. These recipes have been expertly presented and artfully captured by the talented local photographer Nick Osborne, accompanied by a treasure trove of exquisite imagery showcasing the stunning Huon landscape.