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Manuka & Leatherwood Drops, Honey Bees, Honey & Eucalyptus drops, Bee Pops, Jelly Beans, Honey Popcorn & Leatherwood Honey Fudge.

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Leatherwood & Manuka Drops – Made by the Tasmanian Honey Company a delicious drop for sore throats.  Manuka Drops – contain premium Tasmanian Manuka Honey, with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory qualities.

Honey Bees – A bag of black & yellow boiled treats, with the words ‘Bruny Island’ written on the inside

Honey & Eucalyptus Drops – Honey & Eucalyptus hard lolly drop, great for sore dry throats

Leatherwood Honey Fudge – Leatherwood white chocolate fudge, made by Tasmanian company Fudge a’Fare – GF.

Black & Yellow Jelly Beans – Bee themed Jelly beans (black is blackcurrant flavour), or perfect for that Richmond supporter!

Bee Pops – A lolly pop made with honey, pollen & wheat glucose


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Leatherwood Drops, Manuka Drops, Honey Popcorn, Hive Fives, Bee Pops, Honey & Eucalyptus Drops, Leatherwood Honey Fudge, Honey Bees, Jelly Beans

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