100% of our honey is sourced from our beehives in Tasmania
100% pure honey, absolutely nothing added.

The Honey Pot and Bruny Island Honey are the houses of honey venues of the Wright family’s proudly-run lifelong collaboration between our family, the bees, and the Tasmanian Wilderness. We have about over 1000 hives which we move year-round to follow the blossoming flower trail so our bees can collect a variety of nectar from different floral sources. We take the bees to Lake Pedder, to Bruny Island, and to the Huon and Derwent Valleys, where they collect Leatherwood and Bush, Prickly Box, and Manuka Honey.

We extract and package all our own honey ourselves at our facilities in Judbury, Tasmania. Our Bruny and Huon Valley venues are open 7 days a week.


We have a range of Tasmanian honey and associated products to choose from. You can read an overview below, but do come into one of our shops to browse our full range! Selected products are also available to buy online.

Tasmanian Leatherwood has developed a reputation with its strong, unmistakable flavour. Our Leatherwood is sourced from a limited number of hive sites positioned in the South West of Tasmania. The Leatherwood tree itself prefers to be shrouded by a canopy in damper weather.

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