• Bruny Island Manuka Honey Body Lotion, all over daily use to relieve dry skin. Made with:  Manuka Honey, Silk Powder, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Vitiamin C, Glycerine & Tasmanian Mountain Water.  No added preservitives.
  • A number of natural products, such as oils and waxes, have been the focus of ongoing study for a variety of ailments. Bees are doing their bit here - beeswax and honey have been studied to investigate their reported effects (for example, here), and have been used in blends that have shown promising results in the lab, as well as gathering a following of people who swear by them. Our Eczema Cream is a blend that includes our Manuka Honey, Kunzea Ambigua, Silk Powder, Beeswax & Olive Oil
  • 100% natural cream featuring our Beeswax, Manuka Honey, Silk Powder, Olive Oil.
  • Jacks honey bath bomb, smells divine.
  • Kunzea Zea Relief

    Anti - inflammatory, pain relief, for muscles & joints Pain relief cream  - tube - 100g Bath salts Roll on liniment Muscle balm - 50ml  
  • Containing Manuka Honey, beeswax, silk amino acids, Tasmanian olive oil and Lemon Myrtle essential oil. Designed to heal, and improve skin elasticity. Apply a small amount morning and night.
    • Soothing lip balm with a difference!This is a blend of beeswax, olive oil, and Bruny Island-sourced Manuka honey, balanced to soothe and protect.The 5mL stick is a discreet size easy to carry around with you for simple application.The eco friendly option is 10g in a paper tube
  • Explore the scents of Tasmania Breathtaking Botanicals Pure Oils Of Tasmania complement our range of honey perfectly, they source their oils from the same plants we source our honey - beautiful health beneficial natives. Kunzea, Manuka, Lavender and Blue Gum Kunzea is recognised for temporary relief of arthritis and rheumatism, and all things anti-inflammartory. Manuka is an antioxidant and an healing agent. As well as being well known for its anti-imflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Lavender holds relaxing and anti anxiety qualities Blue Gum surperb for anti fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & decongestant.
  • Touchwood Farm Skincare

    Goats Milk Herb & Honey Lotion 120g Peppermint & Tea Tree Goat Milk Shaving Soap 100g Peppermint & Tea Tree Goat Milk Beard Balm 100g Calendula Balm 100g Shampoo Bars Conditioner Bars Beeswax Leather Lacquer 100g  
  • Goats Milk Soaps -  hand crafted from Australian olive and coconut oils with pure, fresh goat's milk and beeswax. Lavender Fields | Pure Unscented | Manuka & Oat | Lemon Myrtle | Nag Champa
  • Travel Shampoo & Soap Bar - Made in Tasmania, with Manuka honey, Lemon Myrtle, coco neddles and olive oil.  Leaves hair & body clean and smelling divine, cutting out unnecessary plastic bottles.
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