Explore the fascinating world of beekeeping in a cool temperate climate, with a special focus on Tasmania, our beloved island home, in Beekeeping at the Edge of the World.

In the realm of beekeeping, there exist a hundred beekeepers, each with their unique approach to tending these remarkable creatures.

Beekeeping at the Edge of the World offers a practical glimpse into the art of beekeeping in a cool climate, with Tasmania taking center stage. This book is generously adorned with distinctive diagrams, a floral calendar, helpful tables, and vivid images, all working harmoniously to narrate this captivating story.

While championing the idea that children are the torchbearers of the future in beekeeping, it also pays homage to our seasoned beekeeping masters. Beekeeping at the Edge of the World stands as an invaluable resource, a lifelong companion on your journey of learning.

Tasmania, our cherished island abode, presents a paradise of untamed wilderness, majestic mountains, and pristine beaches—an adventurer’s haven and a gourmet’s delight. Our apiaries, gardens, farms, fisheries, and vineyards produce world-class culinary treasures, gracing the menus of our renowned restaurants and cafes.

Honey, a gift from nature, holds a special place in this culinary landscape, with our globally sought-after leatherwood honey taking the lead and anchoring our thriving industry. Tasmania also boasts the presence of Leptospermum scoparium, or Manuka, a name made famous by our beekeeping friends in New Zealand.

Whether you’re contemplating the art of beekeeping, taking your first steps, or already a seasoned practitioner, Beekeeping at the Edge of the World offers valuable insights into cool climate beekeeping, regardless of your location on this magnificent planet. The chapters provide a glimpse of what awaits you within these pages: